According to ancient Incan legend, alpacas were loaned to humans on Mt. Ausangate in Peru, left on earth as long as they were treated well and respected.

The alpaca is renown for its exceptional fleece and is considered by the fashion world to be one of the most exclusive. The fleece is prized for its softness (comparable to mohair), fineness (it is a no itch fiber), and strength( stronger and lighter weight that sheeps wool).

Considered to be a relatively rare specialty fiber, alpaca fleece production is limited in the US and Canada to date because of the comparably small numbers of animals in North America, hence its lofty price. Luckily we came across these super cozy blended alpaca socksthat give the benefits of warmth and softness with out the hefty price that accompanies many a full fibered sock.

These blended alpaca socks have adorned my feet all day, and I think I might have to splurge and get more of these in all the wonderful colors...

The are very light weight- so fit easily under a fancier shoe- yet still kept my toes toasty on one of the coldest windiest days we have had so far. Alpaca is also well known for how dry it keeps your feet, even through a sweaty slog, so that makes these great for hiking as well... that testing I will leave for another day when the weather is a little less blustery.