Every weekend I disappear for a 300 mile drive into the prickly dry high desert where I get out and hike hike hike till the sun goes down ( darn you daylight savings time!!!!!).

The wonderful tube socks ( there are so many different kinds all listed under the Dream stockings are my true and trusted companion on my journeys. I am particularly fond of the Dream tubes as seen here on me in the dark greens.

As I start my trek in the cold desert mornings I pull the wonderful warmth of the tubes all the way up my legs to keep them snug. As the hike progresses i pull them down to a knee high and bell the remainder of the material around the tops of my shoes. Yes this may look a little odd, but if you have ever hiked in grassy areas you may be well aware off all the little prickly things....

...... like burs :P that can get wedged in and stuck in the tops of your shoe or work their way deep into your ankles. "Belling" (as I have dubbed it) solves this problem as well as alleviating the odd rock or two that can sometimes find its way into your hiking boots. I personally think it looks rather adorable and I always feel spiffy at the tops of every vista or warm and comfy in the cool canyons. :)

And as you all may have noticed..... WE HAVE STOCK IN THE M'S!!!!! Lots of new colors and the old favorites as well. I took a ton of pics today and hope to take some more tomorrow and will hopefully have all the images updated by Thursday! Have fun scouting around! :)