As many of you have noticed we have been running out of many of the M socks items of late. It's not that we are not getting in more stock... we are, only what once lasted us a month is only lasting us a day now. Some styles fly off the shelves by the dozen as soon as we post them online. It is great that we are growing and that so many of you all adore all of our American made ( by a fantastic small family run mill) socks. We are restocking as often as possible and in larger and larger quantities. I am hoping that by the end of December/ early January we will be fully stocked in all the styles and in all the colors. If there is something you are really wanting, at this point, your best bet is going to be checking everyday and seeing if your item is in stock and grabbing it while you can.

We will be ordering more M 100 and 200 inch longsocks as promised. I still have the info for those of you interested in the special order 300 inchers as seen below- If any one else would like to get a custom pair made in any color and foot size you will need to email no later than next Thursday @ 5 pacific time.

With all the swimming in socks we do all day, you would think the last thing on my mind would be more socks once I ventured away from sockland, yet I found myself admiring some argyle socks while between Photofaye shoots today. Being on a cute boy no doubt is what helped me notice them. That and the fact that they were underneath the WHITEST Chucks I have ever seen actually on someones feet and not in a box. Of course I was a dork and got a snap! :) And just so everyone knows....we do NOT sell those particular color of argyles here... I thought it would be nice to feature them for today so we can't not run out of them!!!!! :P)