I've always loved to layer socks because my toes are always so cold. Now thanks to Sock Dreams my toes can be both warm *and* fashionable. In this shot (that my friend snuck while I was laying on the floor of my studio) I'm wearing the cotton slouch socks with the skater stripes on top, scrunched down a bit (I'll usually wear the slouch socks on top though).

The slouch socks are such great staples to have (and for the price you can stock up on a variety of gorgeous colors!). They stay up nicely at my knees and as the name implies, have good slouch-ability too. The skater stripes are just an all-around comfy, lightweight sock...not too clingy but not loose either. And as a person that tends to wear a lot of black, I like having that little punch of color to break up the darkness and brighten things up.

The two tone skater stripes in orange paired with the tangerine slouch sock is a great combo for Halloween :)