We have some great new items, but we have been so busy that there are no pictures yet! I am working on some tonight and should have them on the site by tomorrow afternoon at the latest.

An idea of what will be added tomorrow... Orange knees, pumpkin socks, shark socks ( its so not even what you could imagine.. The cuteness will just eat you up!!!! :P ), Darker reverse dream tubes with black stripes new wool items and super cute knee highs with stars and also tri tone stripes designed by a local female run sock company. So many socks and so little time. We are currently running out of certain items and you may be noticing new colors starting to appear in all varieties in the M line. Eventually we will have ALL possible colors in as many styles as possible in the Dream socks. With this much variety coming in we may occasionally run out of items for a short while as the more we stock the longer it takes the mill to produce what we need. Usually we can restock within 2-3 weeks, but sometimes it can take longer. If there is something particular you want or need just email us and we can try to expedite the order with that certain item.

I can't wait to post all the pics!!!!!!! :)

Not one to leave you without an image for the day I am posting a pic from the downtime during a photoshoot I did this weekend.. oddly enough the models all love and wear Sock Dreams socks! :)

One of the gals is wearing the o chevrons in white and the other is wearing some snazzy argyles that ( I just realized) are another item in our ever expanding backlog of socks to list ( she is wearing my sample pair for the shoot :))

Some day we will be all caught up!!!!!!!