Sounds like a cheesy self help book huh?

Well I've had no problems helping myself again and again to these double greens of the Green Knees.

I'm a saver...

For some silly reasoning (must have been instilled when I was a child... Perhaps I could blame my mother (tee hee) ;o) I tend to try not to wear what I think are my "best" things. The reasoning thought being that I don't want to wear out the good stuff, but save it for "special" instead. That always backfires on me. While I have several really great unworn pairs of socks (shoes, dresses, even panties) saved for some magical occasion in the future, my true favorites eventually end up being the things I wore and wore and wore again for "not so special". Then suddenly... There are holes, wear, rips, tugs, stains and all the signs that lots of life happened there. I guess they are now special too. :O)

It was love at first sight with these double greens. The colors just blew me away (even now after many many washings) they are so very vibrant. These two greens together have a truly happy effect on me. The colors in real life are as glorious as the colors in a Mary Faery photograph. But these socks did not go to the 'save for special' area... They went right to the front of a sock drawer in the 'wear any time' area. Why? Because on my legs they aren't long enough to truly get over my knees, and the heels on the feet make me feel like one of Cinderella's ugly stepsisters trying to fit giant feet into that tiny glass slipper. A sock has to be REALLY special for me to feel those things about it, and still fall head over ill fitting heels in love with them. And fall I did... I wear them all the time, sometimes slouched, sometimes knee high, sometimes as layers with other socks, sometimes in my hair as a headband, sometimes they even become a vel toy. I don't think I've done a load of laundry in the past four months that they were not in. I wear them that much. I love them that much. I am glad they never made it to "special".. I never would have found out how much I really enjoy them.

When the DreaM stockings eventually come in bigger feet I am going to have to make sure I don't file them away under special. These need to be worn, these need to be loved... loved to the point of holes even.

Now where is my green thread :O)