.. and in my case that happens to be my legs :)-

Inspired by the wonderful Maryfaery's last post and our newly arrived neon yellow o chevrons I grabbed my camera today at work and started snapping away to get these up on the site lickety split.

Niq and I both thought they reminded us of our school days where black text got highlighted with those funny smelling neon yellow markers.As with all the o chevrons I so adore and have done many posts and reviews of, these are ultra versatile -stretching up over the tops of my knees or are able to be cuffed over and worn as an super cute knee highs.

Wearing these socks will surely get you noticed even from far far away, and if you are ever lost out in the woods the rescue choppers will be able to easily find you! ;)-

Also- you may notice a slight color variation in the images... that is because one pic was shot in the shade and one was shot in the full glare of the sun. More often than not we try and shoot the socks "in their natural environment" rather than under studio lighting ( though sometimes this works fantastic or is a must during the short lightless winter days). This ( and the difference in computer monitor settings) is sometimes the reason the socks you open at home under indoor lighting may look slightly different than what you see on the screen. We do our best to match colors exactly, and as fun at it may be, we can't possibly snap images of all the thousands of socks we carry in the vast array of lighting that the world has to offer. In most cases the images are a great representation of the sock and its hue and,from what I have seen on packaging and in stores more accurate to boot!:)-