we're always dreaming of new ways to feature our items!
Xilia and I went to our new shop this morning and took a bunch of pictures in the big empty house. It was our first photo shoot there and we managed to get through quite a few new items including these lovelies labeled as:
"Lycra Pantyhose w/Diamond Net Detail"
The leg area is surprisingly thick and durable, this made them take a little extra effort to put on, but once on WoW! The netting is good & strong and will allow for a wide range of thigh sizes. The panty area looks like boyshorts and had a lighter knit for breathability & comfort, they were perfect on my 36 inch hips, but anyone in the mid 40s and up around the hips/waist is going to find these less than ideal as they will stretch out and not go up as high, the package lists the weight range at 90-160 pounds and, varying proportions aside (meaning everyone is built different, so your results may vary), they should fit well in that range but not past it.
I don't know which I love more, my new stockings or this lovely hutch...
we tried on alot of cute stuff that I will be adding in this weekend and these were one of my favorites, I give them 10 toes for being super sexy & comfy!