you know you hate it...
having to hand wash your delicates.
And you hate it even more when stuff only lasts a few wearings at best.
So it's only logical that we should be offering you some sock washing help.
I got my first garment bag I don't know how long ago, and have loved it ever since. You can put your fragiles in and toss the whole bag in the wash, when the wash is done nothing's missing, nothing's knotted & nothing's snagged!
I especially like this new one we just got, it's made of pretty lace & has a zipper:

Whether you machine wash or wash by hand, your fragiles will benefit from special detergent. And Hosiery Mate has that covered! They offer a Hosiery wash, a Lingerie wash and an Activewear Mate. I decided that the first two were good additions to our shop and have added them to the newly redesigned Washing Supplies section, which is also easily found under the accessories tab up at the tops of the pages. I've tested both and am really happy with the results. They are specially formulated to extend the life of your fragiles (further explained in their own words on the pages of the products). The Lingerie wash is the thicker of the two and foams up more, I tested it on a crocheted tank top with a nylon lining that I really like and had just splashed coffee on the day before. The coffee came right out and my tank top smelled nice and was extra soft. You only need a capful or two for the sink so they are quite economical even if the price is a bit high. Now, about the price, the bottle of one says $3 and I have actually found it on another site for $3 but they add shipping (alot) and at 8 ounces the shipping is easily worth the two dollars I added to the price. We also have sample sizes, you can get a sample of both for the same $5 on either page. Why $5? Because until I decide that we should start charging for shipping US orders it isn't feasible to have anything under $5. So, are we going to start charging shipping? it is something we talk about every now and then, but don't worry, if we do it won't be for quite some time and it wouldn't be but a couple of dollars.
One last thought, pretty much anything you wash will last longer if you don't use a dryer. I usually just throw a towel over the shower rod and hang my favorites for a few hours turning and shaking as needed for even drying.