I think not!!!

Ok so at first I was skeptical about this shade of the new fencenet thigh highs. I mean come on..... its BEIGE!!!!!!Tacky carpets are beige... My grannys wardrobe is beige......

But after crawling through the heat wave to get to work the other day I found my legs barren and lonely with narry a sock being adorned. Niq had been snapping pics of the fencenet thigh highs for the site the night before so those beige scraps were sitting there before me. I pondered for a moment.. noticed they almost matched my shoes ( which happen to be TAN thank you very much!!!! :)- ) and decided to put them on.

Oh my...they looked fan figging tabulouse on!!!!!!!

Perfectly light enough and pretty for lounging in the sunbeams soaking up the vitamin D.

They stayed up well while languidly strolling about in the shaded indoors.

These wonders even managed to look mysterious and sexy in the dark cool corners of the pub.

Eeek!!! So now I love beige!!!!! Does this mean I ma turning into my granny?!!!! :)-