Lace Tabi Slippers!!!
They came in three sizes so similar that I only got the largest and smallest. The smaller are marked M 22.0 cm - 23.0 cm. The larger are LL 24.5 cm - 25.0 cm, this is the size that fit me best and although I'm sometimes an 8.5 I usually stick with 9s to be on the safe side and I don't think these will fot an6yone over a 10 comfortably. The Ms were too small for me but fit Xilia's size 6 perfectly and I would think that up to a size 8 should fit in these.
The packaging is very japanese in appearance, shiney with kanji for most of the text, but our supplier thinks they are made in China.
I wasn't sure I'd like them and at this price I'd better, well, I do!
I like them so much that I'm taking my pink pair on my quick trip down to visit family next month and will be taking a small pair of the white ones for my Gramma who usually only likes bootie socks...
They make a lovely & thoughtful gift I think, I think I'll give myself a pair ~;)