I have big feet.
Yes, It's true.
My size 11's can be difficult to fit in lots of socks. Most store bought socks list their size on the label as being 9-11 (or 6-10)... but, often those are sock sizes, not shoe sizes. Who knew that "sock sizes" are smaller than shoe sizes (who's brilliant idea was that?).
And many times even if you think you've figured out this system...
the socks that should fit you, just don't anyway.
Lucky for us, our very own Sock Goddess takes great care in listing her socks and has many "size" comments in her descriptions of the socks. In addition, the reviews in this sock journal can guide you to a perfect fit. Shelle (with her lovely long size 12's), likes her fit snug in the feet. I like my size 11's to have a bit of toe wiggle 'give'. Xilia with her cute little size sixes needs about half the room, and Niq is perfectly medium sized at 8.5.
I cannot wait to hear Shelle's review on these because I am guessing that we can both find exactly the fit that we want in these Lycra Acrylic Striped Thigh Highs even though our wants are different. How great is that?!
My toes can wiggle, my heels are actually in the heel area!! All this... and the fact that after all my wiggling is done, their shape bounces right back to conform ever so gently to my feet!! It really doesnt get better than this for these feet of mine!
The colors are beautiful, the knit clingy and light enough to be a summer sock, yet sturdy enough to be used in cooler weather too.
The Lycra Acrylic Striped Thigh Highs fall a bit short in length on me though. Stretching to just over my knees (of course I wish them longer) ... but with feet that fit like this... I don't really mind (and hey... they made it past my knees and for that I'm thrilled). These are definately the socks I would chose to wear to places I would remove my shoes at. They look great both in and out of my shoes. They stay up very well on my ample legs, though they do roll and pucker a bit at the top.
who cares though??!!!
the feet fit!!!!
At the very least, I am going to have to buy one pair in each of the colors.
That is how good these are!!
I really really LOVE them.
My toes are SO happy!