These are just two of the newest items I'll be adding to the site in the coming days...
But first, yes, it is true there are some linkage issues with the journal this weekend.
I had left notes about it in the comments yesterday but they vanished ~:(
For the third month in a row we were rapidly running out of our monthly bandwidth allotment so it was time to upgrade the server to handle all the traffic we get these days and still handle the increases we are sure to see as the fall holidays approach in the months ahead. It appeared to be an easy transition with only momentary downtime for the site. BUT there is something in the links to the journal in the top of the page that is not working on all browsers. I've done what I could to correct it but the rest will have to wait til Olivia is back from her mini vacation this week to fix the big stuff locked in the coding. The text on the front page that links to this journal should work, but it doesn't on one of our computers so it may not for you either. But it has to do with switching servers and will be resolved before too long. As far as I can see the rest of the site is fully functioning ~:)
We're having other growing pains too, just little stuff like quality issues with a couple of our fav styles, we hope to have those worked out within the week. And the ever concerning issue of soooo many socks and so little time or space, that too is sure to find a happy resolution in the months ahead.
I've got several fun things to add this weekend, but for now, I just want to go walk along the river for awhile and enjoy this cool cloudy weather we're having!
Happy three day weekend to any of you lucky enough to get one ~:)