I don't think that any of us really wanted to be the post following Xilia's wonderful (record breaking comments) post. Such incredible pictures and creative idea.
Cheers fellow sock girl... well done!

Well any of us except for Vel that is...

Little dog, BIG attitude ;o)

Vel is ummm... modeling (?) the pink and red Mstripes.

Though they don't fit him well (and you can see how that depresses him),

he is (as so am I) totally enamored with the color combo. So much so, that as you can see we fight about who gets to wear/play with them.

When I first received this pair I just couldn't stop looking at them. The color in person is just truly dazzling.

And as all Mstripes... They are a lovely long length. (but small in the feet for my size 11's and a bit too narrow on top to wear up high on my voluptuous thighs)... Still love em though, just hide the feet in shoes and roll over the top to OTK length :O)

This is a color combination that I think you (and your own little sock inspectors) will love as much as I do!! (would love to see this combo and the double green knees in a super stripe too!)

These colors really take my breath away!