So your not a size 0 but are still confidant, comfortable in your skin, and love to show off your sexy self...So why is it so hard to find something frilly if your over a size 10?

It drives me crazy looking at the majority of plus size options ( be it socks,undies, or clothes in general) and seeing how bland they are.

NO thank you... I don't want to wear a brown sack.. I want to look as cute and bubbly as I feel. I worked hard eating all those delectable chocolates to get my shape this delightfully round and womanly and gosh darn it I want to be able to dress fashionably or sexy and not have to cram myself into a small size and look ridiculous to do that....

.....And in steps Sock Dreams decking out my legs from tiny toes to large lush thighs in an array of fun, sporty, and/or sexy socks and stockings...and now garter belts!!!!!!

All the other garter belts I have tried always dug in and gave me the "bulgies" but these new ones Niq just got in are wonderful. The undies are a little teeny and did dig in a bit but the garter itself is fantastic and adjusted wider than I needed ( in all the glory of my 45 inch hips- mind you my waist is only 36 and the garter sat somewhere inbetween).

Wear these for that special someone or just underneath any outfit to make you feel like a secret hottie all day while keeping your snazzy socks or stockings in place. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the array of other items we will be offering in lovely larger sizes.