a tasty batch of OTK's has just arrived
This combination was recently requested and as soon as I thought about it I hit myself on the forehead, of course! we need a whole batch of Brownies! then, a few seconds later, it also hit me how many of everything we need, so before I order in a whole selection of chocolate-y sock goodness we'll just start with these under the Pink Knees designation. Like the rest of our private label stripes they are made of cotton right here in the US by sock loving American adults because it tickles me pink to help support a family run business!
We also have this length with brown & lime green and dark brown & lime...
AKA Green Knees.
These pink knees are my fav...
Sunday comfiness ~:)
and are warming my toes this very minute,
along with one of each thick & bulky bootsocks in blue & lilac.