My first ever Post... March 23 2004

I took pictures in my bathtub, in my dirty mirror, and all around my apt. I shared my opinions, my washing techniques, and (*blush*) my measurements. I had so much fun!

Since then my sock drawer has grown into several more drawers, I have bought myself way too many pairs of shoes (to go with all the sockies of course), and have upgraded my camera and lighting. (The gorgeous pics that show up in this journal are great inspiration to me, and drive me to learn more and try to take better pictures).

I am thrilled to be a "sock girl" here at Sock Dreams! I adore having the opportunity to share my thoughts on these great sockies so that others in my size range might be able to find the perfect fit.

That all being said, I would like to wish myself a Happy Anniversary!! Weeeeeeeeee!! And say a great big thanks to the Sock Goddess herself, The Sock Girls, and all the sock lovers out there! I am having a blast here!