space dyed falling stars
Two new space dyed tights and four new socklings.
The color above is called falling stars and the one below is peacock...
Peacock is also one of the new socklings and you can see in the image above that they are different peacocks between the tights and the socklings.
And the confetti socklings look little like the confetti otk's.
But that is all part of the fun of space dyed, they are always a bit different...
for three of the socklings I just layed out variations and took pictures...
(if you really want one of a certain look we can always try to pick that pair for you)
The sandstorm is browns with a bit of golden to it, there is also a purple passion that is purples and nothing but purples, very passionate indeed!
Right now, I'm in love with the peacock, purples, greens & blues, sooo dreamy!!!