For those of us in the northern hemisphere today was the start of spring...
for those of us in the Northwest spring has been here nearly a month, but today, it's official and to celebrate we have another fresh batch of toe socks ready to go home and warm your toes and balance your feet.
These are from the TOETOE label, previously AllThere toesocks, my personal favorite toesocks EVER! Not that there is anything wrong with the other 20 or so choices we offer, in fact, you might like some of them better, but for me these are perfect! The toes fit each and every one of my toes to a T, no slippage on my baby toes, even after many hours of activity or sleep. One reason they may not be ideal for some of you is that, unlike the Feelmax versions, these have formed heels, not good if you happen to be out of their size range, but it is a generous size range so chances are these will fit (we'll get some smaller & larger opinions in soon too).
Not only did we get these in 4 fun stripy choices that are nearly knee high (on shorter legs like mine), we got their anklets in black, white & rainbows and a half dozen solid midcalf choices too. If you remember my longtime fav elephant toes, we have those back, now they call them smoke.