I washed each pair last night to fluff them up because they arrive looking pretty flat.
Then I put on each pair to take pictures. The last pair were the leopards and since I liked them the best I kept them on for the rest of the evening, even slept in them. After wearing them for my morning work I tossed all three pairs back in the wash for a little extra fluffing before having my helpers put them on...
So here's what we each thought:

Small feet owned & run by Xilia, women's size 6:
Tiger toe socks are very cute, but if you have little kitten toes like mine they are not worth it! It took forever to scrunch the sock over each toe and then kept poofing back out over the tops of my teeny weeny toes. Not only did this look kinda funky, but in a shoe the material was in the way and was getting wedged this way and that so was also not very comfortable.. they ARE really cute though, and I am keeping my pair from the shoot. They are cosy and comfortable enough to wear around the house where it wont bother me that my toes wont stay in place.

Medium feet owned & operated by Niqkita, women's size 8.5:
They slipped onto my feet nicely. Due to the looser toes I find it easy to get my toes in place, but my pinky toes are small and curl under so they tend to slip out, especially while I'm sleeping. The rest of my toes stay in fine and they stay up just under my knees unless I scrunch them down, which I also think looks cute.

Larger (male) feet managed by Bsti, men's size 9:
A little tight going onto the toes, but that's expected with toesocks.
Once in, they snuggled the digits.
They stay up mid-calf just fine, except in long pants which pushed them down. Really warm, soft, and comfortable, moreso I'd say than other toesocks I've worn.