Another flimsy frilly garter belt or a practical inexpensive accessory?
perhaps a little of each?
These are from Leg Avenue and come with a little lace thong.
Just in black for now, we can also get them in white & red if you think we should.
My favorite thing about these is that the clasps are metal so they won't break the first time you attempt to attach them to something thick, unfortunately the clasps are small and are difficult to attach to anything thick.
Right now (in the shot above) I'm wearing them with the purple pluto EG Smith cotton otk's. Tricky, but not impossible to clip onto, I think it should be about the same for the M Stripes.
In the image below I'm wearing the E.G. Smith no foot boots in black:

This required fitting the rubber grip (the nipple-like bit) through the knit of the sock before attaching the clasps, this would not work with all socks and would surely do some damage if you wore them like this alot. This would also work with the Pippy Longstockings and the M40s. Size wise, they will slip down the hips of really skinny people but had good stretch up and over 40 inches, not too much over or they will dig in. My opinion is that these will work best with styles that stay up reasonably well on their own on people who are medium to large...