Until recently I'd never heard of MP tights.
Then, a couple of months ago, I got a rash of requests for these mysterious Danish tights and the timing could not have been better because I happened upon a rep in Seattle who handled them. The first thing that struck me when I saw them was their colors. I wanted so badly to get everything they had but a few things prevented me from doing it in good conscience: they are high end, a big investment at a time of year when I really have to watch the budget, heading into spring is not the best time to invest in warm, the rep, helpful as he was, was not terribly knowledgeable, and finally, size options, three of them, with little to no clue how they fit within each range. So I narrowed it down to these three options above:
cotton stripes in antique rose...
a pretty red & pink in small, medium & large.
& superwash wool tights with cotton on the inside...
off white or black in small, medium & large.
Because there are so few and they are so high end I'm going to pass on trying them this time around and am hoping that without the help of personal reviews we can sell these on their reputation alone (and so far it seems to be working).
Don't worry, I also placed a much larger order from their new fall line and am looking forward to learning more about them, ordering even more of their great styles, and of course, testing some this coming fall!