The new Super Stripes are incredible... as a matter of fact I cannot really think of anything about them to pick on.

They fit my size 11's with lots of luxurious toe wiggling room. (YES.. FINALLY!! A heel that actually is on my heel!!!)

The length comes up comfortably to my mid-thigh. The width is nice for non-petite sock lovers (I found a max width of 26" at the top portion). They gave me warmth when I was outside in the snowy wind, yet didn't make me too warm while I was in an over-heated room. I wore these out on Friday night to my favorite German bier pub, I got lots of compliments! Earlier that day I took Vel to the Vet (a few blocks away) wearing one leg with garter and one without. The gartered leg stayed just where I wanted it to, but unfortunately the ungartered leg slid down to ride on my knee as I walked. I don't see this as a problem at all as I LOVE to wear cute garters and such.

I decided to do a side by side comparison of these new Super Stripes VS the lovely MStripes.

They both look great, wear great and wash great!

The Super Stripes fit my larger feet, MStripes always come up too short. (I could hide that with shoes.) But I must say that before I knew about the arrival of the Super Stripes, I had been composing letters in my head to our sock Goddess to beg for MStripes with longer feet.

Although they both have really nice overall longer length for us longer legged sock lovers, the Super Stripes do have more width. The MStripes only go to about a 21" max top width. I usually do a fold-over on the tops of mine, turning them over onto themselves into a perfect little cuffed OTK sock with a garter.

The knits are very different too! The SuperStripes have a thicker looser knit that breathes more and slouches better, while the MStripes have a thinner tighter flat knit that is less bulky and doesn't end up bagging as much.

My conclusion? Depending on who is wearing which sock.. They are both wonderful!!! Personally I use each of them for different looks, shoes, and occasions. I wish that the MStripes came with bigger feet, but I adore them so very much even as they are. I love my new Super Stripes... And even though they are nearly perfect in every way, I find myself liking the look of my MStripes better when I am wearing them. But now that I see the pics of these side by side, perhaps the Super Stripes do look better, oh I just don't know... ugggh.

But that's just me :O) And I just want them ALL!!!

Vel couldn't' make up his mind either!