Our very own Shelleopard made these
... first for a friend, then for me, and now for the world!
I gave a sneak peek at these a little while back when I showed off our next Bust ad with all its layered mismatched glory. Now we have some in to sell. They are just like our other snappy garters with their two snaps and 20 inch max width. I like them best just above the knees or mid thigh so that they are low enough to show off because, really, why would you get a pair and then keep them hidden? I think they are super pretty, very romantic and totally unique!
Under them are our M Stripes. Last night I mentioned how the new stripes are so comfy that they will be pretty much replacing these. Don't get me wrong, these are lovely and won't be leaving us completely. They are snug though, even on me, and have so little elastic that the feet & ankles can (and will) get baggy on you. And while they will shrink several inches in length with a few trips through a hot washer & dryer those feet & ankles just don't shrink up enough to suit some people, in fact, I've never found them to lose any width in the legs at all. On top of all this, if you are lucky enough to get them up your thighs, keeping them there is another challenge. A few things that might help are sock garters (of course!), garter belts (preferably one that is sturdier than pretty), liquid latex (not for those who don't like a little pain at the end of a night out though) and my favorite trick (which many of you have reported works very well) is to wear them over some tights.
(OH, another option we like alot is cuffing them & letting them slouch)
It is because of these very qualities that I named the category M Stockings, in memory of the style of "stockings" my papa & many others wore as a child in Europe (ours are more colorful though!). Stockings do not have to be thin or silk or even nylon, that is just what we are most familiar with when thinking of stockings, at least in America I think we are. But here in the world of Sock Dreams we know that stockings are merely socks with a little more heart & soul than those you'll find at department & discount stores.