If you've ever tried the M Stripes you know they are unique & sexy, but not always comfy, in fact they might not fit you at all because they are so long and lack stretch in the thighs, plus the feet & ankles can be way too loose.
Until recently we couldn't get them made any bigger so we made the most of it and many of you love the M Stripes despite said issues. A while back we started testing samples of larger versions of stripes, each had their pluses and minuses but we felt this version came closest to what we were looking for, wide enough in the thighs to stretch over 23 inches (actually we found they made it to 25, but your results may vary) with stripes all the way to the toes and enough elastic in them to help the feet & ankles maintain their shape without "bagging out". This is just our first round of these, I want to add smaller feet (they will fit down to a womans size 8, maybe 7) and I want to add lots more colors because I think these are soooo comfy!!! No struggling to pull them up, they stayed up well and they looked great. I know not everyone will love them as much as we do, but I think lots of you will!!!