I never gave much thought to petticoats til I spotted one hanging from the rafters of a thrift store last year. All red & ruffle-y, it caught my eye and I just had to have it. I snatched it up, brought it home & discovered that it was fun to wear, lots of fun to look at & quite photogenic besides.
Now we have an easy source for a simple version, not as many layers or ruffles as the classic, but a wonderful addition just the same. And at $18 you just might be able to get more than one color if you like them. Right now we only have them in pink & black because I wanted to make sure they were worth having. We've decided that they are so I've ordered red & white to come in later this week (or early next if they're late). In fact, we just might run out before the next batch comes in because I was playing it safe with a small order and we've already sold several with barely a mention of them!
These should be hand washed and can be machine dried, I found the lace hung better after being washed and I saw no damage or wrinkling as a result.

They say one size, nothing more for sizing info...
they are nice & stretchy & easily fit over my 34 inch hips. The top part is shiny & spandex-y with two layers of ruffles reaching 12 inches long.
The striped stockings are these, the fishnets are new
...they come in lots of colors and will be added shortly.