Seafoam green... The thought of the color congers up memories of bridesmaids dresses, and 50's decor. I did a search on the color and found that it is used in color healing (Eighth ray.........Seafoam Green / Violet luminosity), various color frequency ideas, and some really interesting color related chakra work. It's latest and cutest use however, is right here... as Seafoam green is being used in the new lighter knit M40's.

Being a big fan of the regular M40's, I was thrilled to try these out. There are several differences to note for us larger legged sock lovers. The regular black M40's were snug on my calves, these lighter knit M40's are a bit larger in the calf area as they slid on me with ease. I expected the lighter/ loser seeming knit to have more give, and therefore the calves were not a surprise, but I was surprised to find that these socks were actually more snug than the regular M40's in other places. I wonder if this is a variance of the color? The feet were a bit too small for me, and although width wise they stretched with wear, the length never got long enough for my size 11's. (but with my shoes on, you would never know). The real surprise was that the top knit portion (the long ribbed part that makes the excellent cuff), well.. it was more snug and less forgiving than the black M40's. The Seafoam max width seemed to be 26" at the tippy top of the sock pulled snuggly. (the black M40's pulled up without effort to 27")They both reached to my upper thighs uncuffed. Personally though, I never wear them that way (just my own pet peeve about two different knits and the way it looks). Speaking of the two different knits... the section for the cuff begins immediately at the top of my knee. I do wish these could be a few inches longer in lower leg knit, so they would clear my knee and I could cuff them perfectly at the appropriate over the knee length. Honestly though... even the way the knit is now they still look really cute, and I am sure that if you have a little less height or a little less calf than me, that they will fall in the perfectly right place.

The lower leg part stretches a bit with wear and does this cute little loose fold thing (I love this... makes your legs look littler i think). These stayed up well, and after some active wear they sort of settled in with the cuff right on my knee and stayed there (like an extra long knee high).

I wasn't sure how this color would fit in my wardrobe. Thought maybe these were destined to be stay at home sockies only to be worn with vintage slips and nighties. I was so surprised to see how well it went with green plaids, white lace, and even with my eggplant colored shoes. The color really goes with more things than you would think.

Seafoam... the new black?
But really cute anyway!

Inspected / Approved and licked by sock inspector Vel :O)