As a single gal, Valentines seems trite to me
(though I secretly love the holiday I can't possibly admit I feel I am missing out :)- )
So I will indulge myself with my two true loves..
Photography and socks!!!!

If you do have a lover or friend out there you should most definitely treat them this February 14 with something sexy and spicy or warm, cozy, and comforting-

Like SOCKS!!!!!!

Over the next 2 weeks I will be featuring an item every few days that have a valentinesy feel...

On the 14th I will post the layered complete picture as my vanlentine to all you sock lovers out there!

Today I wanted to start with the spiked garters. These sexy little numbers come in black, pink, and red, but for my design I have chosen the red. They fit wonderfully and are really comfy when on. I must admit that the first time I saw these I was wary of wearing them ( I mean come on.... SPIKES!!!!YIKES!!!!!), but the way they are designed by our lovely Shelloperd makes them sit on the leg in such a way that you don't even notice the spikes are even there, unless you should happen to glance down. I was only going to borrow a pair for shooting, but have now decided to keep the red pair and also get the ones in black! These garters really make a statement and I can't wait to wear them out!

In todays picture I wore them over the red and white M-Stripes. I had gotten these for christmas as a candy cane feel, but they went so nicely with the garters I could not resist bringing them back out.... I love seasonal overlapping of style!!!!!