I still want to wear my Red and Green M Stripes. Does red and green really have to be just for Christmas? I love the color combination, and am going to start a one woman rebellion against wearing Red/Green in December only.

This past December was the first time I tried the M Stripes. I had wanted them for a very long time. But when I saw the way they fit Niqkita, I truly wished for a more petite set of pedestals for me. I thought that they would probably be too snug on my long and large legs. I took the chance this time and ordered them... figuring that if I could not get them over my legs, I could always use them as arm-warmers (as most manufactured arm warmers are far too short for my long arms too).

I won't tell you that they are the best fitting socks ever for longer and larger, ... BUT... they can be pretty great. Which is more than good enough for me as I have secretly pined for them for such a long time.

Okay... down to the fit. First thing I noticed fit-wise is that the feet are a tad too small for my size 11's. The heel doesn't really quite make it to my heel(though I must say that after several washes and wet stretches they have gotten quite a lot better fitting, just do not use heat). I was a bit nervous when first I started to pull them up my calves... they felt a bit snug but had enough 'give' to hug my muscular calves and keep going up (this I was amazed at). The next hurdle I had was getting them past my knees... SUCCESS!!! They did not go too far up my thigh, and just sort of settled in at a perfect OTK length. The top knit of the sock was just too constricting to make it to near my mid thigh, and it did that pucker thing and made my thighs squeeze in and look funny. However, there was a solution, I rolled the top over itself twice making a nice two inch or so cuff (this took up the slack in the sock, and covered the pinched top of the sock as to make my leg look smoother.). Now they look perfect!!!

The first day I got them I nearly danced around the living room (okay, okay... I did dance). I love these socks! I wish they could be made in a larger foot size, and dream the fantasy that they could both have a larger foot and a more forgiving top for the thigh.... but I must say that as they are, they are still a wonderful option for the larger legged (as OTK socks). They feel really nice and are soooo great looking. I wore mine Friday night with a long flowing black skirt and a pair of Converse... I must admit I kept pulling up my skirt to avoid puddles and such while walking around, and well... I kept hiking it up higher than I needed to just to show off my great M Stripes and begin the Red/Green Rebellion.