1. Our puppy Lola:
I haven't been showing her off as much as I'd like, but she's always nearby.
2. Comfy bootie socks:
I think these are the best bootie socks ever!
why? they actually stay on my feet! I hate it when bootie socks slip off my heels as most do, I like to wear these over other pairs of socks or tights for extra warmth & padding around my feet and to keep longer styles clean longer since these keep the feets clean ~:)
3. Cozy long socks:
this pair is a sample and we should have them in next week, stretchy spandex-y over the knee socks from our fav supplier in soft pastel shades that will fit little feet and big legs just the same.

3 things that make my toes sad:
1. realizing I was so focused on getting more rainbow toesocks and argyle otks that I completely failed to order more rainbow otk's!
2. Being out of M40s in 4 of the coolest colors (more due next Friday).
3. Never ever being able to keep everything in stock all the time...