Thanks to the brilliant suggestion of one of our fine visitors we now have
Candy cane inspired red & white cotton M Stripes
soon to be joined by red & green...
Have a holiday stripe you want to see? let me know, maybe we can do it...
but you better do it quick because regardless of which pre-winter celebration you enjoy it will be here before you know it! and while you're thinking about stripes, think about which socks will warm which toes on your list. Don't celebrate at all? that's an even better reason to get yourself some comfy socks!
Reasons to do your holiday shopping with us:
We're always open & never crowded
We don't charge for first class shipping in the US (but remember that everyone everywhere gets really busy in December so the sooner you order the smoother everything will go from the time we package it til the time your local postal delivery person brings it to your door).
We also have lots of cool styles, pretty decent prices and usually damn good customer service (assuming spam blockers don't prevent us from sending your reply).
We'll be taking Thursday off but will be back doing our socky thing Friday...
Happy Thanksgiving!!!