I hate to gripe here, but I have to vent, maybe I'll take this back down later, but right now, I want to share, you see, I've spent this entire day working on taking photos and catching up on adding in new items. It was a postal holiday so nothing could be sent out anyway, I thought it a good day to focus on adding as many pictures as possible. Then I get this, from a Librarian no less...

Hello -
I recently received a package of three of the M40s.
They looked great in the earlier photo you had - I see you've changed it to show that they are baggy. I think this should be mentioned in the write up, as I was quite disappointed with the way they do not stay up, even though they have 15 inches of elastic and my legs about 21 inches at the largest part of my thighs (and they do fit nicely all the way to the top of my legs, they just don't stay there).
As a matter of fact, what you do say on your website:
"The top 15 inches are ribbed to keep them up forever, the legs are a flat knit for a slimmer appearance even if you have wide legs", is completely misleading, since they don't stay up at all, and therefore can't possibly give a slimmer appearance.
Needless to say, I won't be buying anything else from the website as I will be wondering if the pictures and information about the product are representative of what I'd be receiving.

You know, they aren't for everyone, is there anything in life that is? let alone a style of socks??? Many people love these socks, myself being one, and while they may not stay up perfectly forever I've yet to have a pair fall down and my thighs are slimmer than hers. It saddens me that there are people in the world who live their lives this way, spreading that form of negativity. Of course, I will update the wording, I never mean to mislead anyone. Okay, rant over, I have some really cute socks to share in a bit, I just need to get them added to the site...