Yesterday I was wearing my original pair of Longsocks, still comfy & in great shape.
Then I wanted to put on my newest favorite M Stripes, but didn't want to take off my longsocks, I also didn't want to get my feet dirty so I put on my sample pair of lilac slouch socks over the stripes. The best part is that these all have nice roomy feet that aren't bound in elastic so they never cramped my toes. It was so comfy I fell asleep in them. I got up this morning and put shorts on, my feet & legs have been warm & comfortable all day and I think they look great together.
The new M Stripes are all photographed and listed with the rest. The list is getting rather long and we're still dreaming up new combinations we HAVE to have...
next up, red & white and pink & green!
The new slouch socks are currently only available in white, but I love these lilac ones so much I put in an order for them yesterday, they should be here in a week or so and since I already have pictures they'll go right up on the site when they do...

btw, these are going to replace our current slouch socks.
They are just a bit thinner and a couple inches longer, in all my testings I've found them to be an overall more comfortable sock. We'll gradually get more colors in the coming months as space allows.