I took this with my new lights~ I love them!!!
Unfortunately I didn't get to play with them as much as I wanted this weekend...
we decided to take Saturday off so I could finish resting up from this rotten cold that went around our area which meant that today I printed and pulled ALOT of orders. WooHoo for lots of orders!!! Boo for not having time to take pictures!
We're going to keep doing everything ourselves with our one helper and a little accounting assistance from a dear friend of mine until further notice so we might be run ragged from time to time from here on out (til after the holidaze that is).
Next year I see big things ahead, exciting things, so many things I sometimes cannot sleep, but we are going to do everything we can to keep the personal feel we enjoy and know many of you really appreciate, but if we make a mistake here or there or get behind in writing back to you please be patient, it takes alot of socks to warm the toes of the world!

Now, back to the comfy layers I have upon my feet...
Cream colored Taller Tabis on my tootsies with white aerobic socks keeping the warmth in and the dirt out. It's pretty comfy and I like the way it feels to wear these or toe socks with another pair over them for extra warmth, they still keep your toes free & improve your balance.
OH... I added a new slouch sock tonight:

They're closely related to the M40s, just a whole lot shorter.
...I want to get these in all the same colors, but like I've been saying, I have to watch my space for the coming months as the holidays require me to stock up on everything leaving me little room for new things (and you know I've still got alot of those to show you, I'm catching up I promise!!!). Okay, off to bed, it's going to be a very busy week!