New bootie socks!!!
I'm actually wearing this exact combination now...
EG Tights~ Mercury rising with the new M Boooties
The tights are, of course, warm & comfy...
these booties stay on really well and come in two sizes, a smaller range that covers sizes 6-8, they are even perfect on my 8.5s, the larger, a medium 9-11 also fits my 8.5 with a bit of room to spare in the heel and they could be shrunk just a little if you washed them in hot & dried them on high heat. I like to wear booties for lots of reasons, they are light weight on warm days when you don't want alot of sock, they are great for wearing over other socks around the house to keep the feet cleaner longer, they are perfect padding to make those slightly large shoes you love but rarely wear fit snugglier and they're nice to slip on at bedtime when you don't want a big warm sock over your legs but don't want cold toes either.
We've got a nice little selection of colors to start with these and should be able to get even more colors in the future.
Say goodbye to the shore because tomorrow we're testing wool!
bye bye beach!!!