Just another crazy name the folks at EG Smith gave their
ubercolorful space dyed cotton tights

So comfortable they're like wearing nothing at all

Why go naked on the beach when your legs can be this warm & colorful?

I love these tights!!!|
The colors are gorgeous together.
Last week I was talking to Nancy at EG Smith, she is the rep and always such a dear. I asked her about the sizing of the tights and why the cotton otks don't come in the same great range of colors that the tights & socklings do....
She said the Tights should easily fit up to 200 pounds, she even has larger folks who say they wear them, but due to differing proportions some people find the Bigger Better tights fit, well, better. Maybe someday they'll give specific sizing on their olabels, but I wouldn't hold my breath over it. There is a far better chance they wiull increase the cotton otk range first, she sees no reason not to have all the colors, including the space dyed in not only the otks, but the footless tights too, they might even add a bigger better footless! now that is good news!!!