These were a special request I asked Music Legs to have made...
but they were supposed to be thigh highs, not tights.
So, needless to say I was less than pleased as soon as they arrived, ohwell, they are still unique right?
yes, but being a printed pattern they don't match up perfectly on the sides, still not too bad, the label is practically glued to them, in my haste I cut mine off, bad move! I've added a note on their page to peel rather than cut.
All that and they were not inexpensive. Still, they are unique and do fit quite well for the medium range.

As of today we now have official approval & declined pages when you go through the check out that are much friendlier than the simple old pages that would simply either say approved or "unable to process at this time" which was confusing for many. By doing this Olivia was also able to solve the little issue that was causing people to see an alarming page after clicking continue, it said "no merchant found".

Also, today we found out why we are hearing from so many Canadians about late or missing orders this week: CANADIAN OFFICIALS STRICTLY ENFORCE CUSTOMS, ADDRESSING REQUIREMENTS FOR INBOUND INTERNATIONAL MAIL.
Although we have been following these guidlines all along they have a tremendous backlog that has slowed all incoming packages. All we can do or say is be patient, if for some reason they send items back to us we will contact the rightful owners immediately and resend the packages.