I took alot of pictures over the weekend including some of these vertical sheer striped thigh highs that got returned with holes last month. Every so often something has a hole straight out of the package because life is not perfect, it's nice when I can still use the returned item for pictures though. I thought they fit really well and heard from other satisfied sock buyers that these are actually quite durable as nylons go and they stayed up perfectly which is always a plus! We ran out of these in white last week because I simply underestimated sales and already had a large order coming from the supplier. These record breaking sales are making keeping everything in stock a far greater challenge! one of my favorites too since ordering/buying has always been one of my strong points and I have many years of large scale experience at it with my 11 years working for Trader Joe's. My other big favorite is backstock/warehouse management and I'm getting plenty of that now too as I try my best to be prepared for ever increasing sales as we approach the busiest time of year.
This week I'll be featuring new items here everyday & I've got alot to show off!