Sunshine Rainbows & Naked toes
naked rainbow toes
I might not've ever thought to do this...
I saw Eliza do it first & thought it sooo excellent
I wouldn't have chosen rainbows like she did
but this pair was returned due to an unseen hole
so it was the perfect sacrificial pair for my experiment.
I did one foot shorter than the other & haven't picked a favorite yet
I really liked how they looked & felt with sandals...
sandals & naked toes
I wore them with walking shoes when Jake & I walked over to the post office to drop off the day's express orders. It felt neat to have my toes free but not entirely bare feet in the shoes. The cuff started to dig into my calves after about 8 hours so I folded it over and it has been fine since. I'm looking forward to seeing how much they fray from being washed...