It's nearly spring!!!
& here in the pacific northwest it's evident everywhere I look...

tender leaf buds and flowers are opening each sunny moment drawing nearly everyone out of hibernation. These new aerobic socks are just in time for taking walks, exercising or just wandering out in the yard for a look around. We love our longsocks so much that I asked the supplier if he had any slouch socks, these are what he offered me and though they are a bit on the small side I think they are quite nice, really comfy! I really wouldn't recommend these for those with feet larger than mine though (8.5) as they barely go past my heel and being 80% cotton they shrunk just a tad more when we ran them through the washer & dryer (very little piling though ~:). How do they differ from the slouch socks we already had? they are thinner, softer, come in white and totally stay in place around my feet, the others traveled a bit (toe seam would move to the side of my feet when I'm not wearing shoes with those, I decided to lower the price of them to $5 to help make up for that). One little peculiarity about these is that the leg of some are a classic ribbing & some have more of a spiral rib, some of the colors have some of each, when scrunched down they look about the same though.
If you've been waiting for the vertical striped thigh highs, they are back! Liquid latex will be back later this week.
Next to be added here: over the knee toesocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!