Cuban Heels reviewed by Eliza

I always have problems with these. First of all, the widened section (the Cuban heel, or hill" as it's called on the package. Typo?) widens too soon, making the pointy bit start too high up my calves. I attribute this to the fact that the average female foot size in the United States is about 9, and I'm about 7.5. A lot of specialty socks and stockings are just too big for me.

Second, and this may be because I'm horribly rough on my clothes, but these things lasted about five minutes after I took them out of the package before they exploded into a mess of chutes and ladders. Now that I think of it, it probably is my fault. I have longish nails and a horrible curse of clumsiness. The stockings were very fragile, though, and caught on everything.

Aside from all that though, these made me feel super sexy. I love backseams with a passion which is only trumped by my love\ for stripes, so these were really fun to wear. They pulled all the way up to the tops of my thighs and didn't pinch too much, and I love the style of the tops with the solid/sheer/solid combo. The texture was gorgeous to the touch and nice to look at, too. Very very soft and daintily thin.

For $7, you are definitely getting your money's worth. A pair of silk stockings in this style would last much longer, but would run about $20-$30. These are perfect for a single night's wearing, or if you're really good about it, two or three. I've heard about a trick (which I forgot to try) that is supposed to make stockings last much longer. This is drag queen lore, and those ladies know whereof they speak. Apparently if one sprays one's stockings or tights with a generous helping of hairspray before leaving the house, the item in question will be much stronger (albeit stickier and more flammable).

Red Light and Metro usually charge about $12 for a pair of these, so go with Sock Dreams. They don't charge shipping and they're in Portland, so Seattle folks will get them fast.

Now I know some of you are sad that I don't post the way I used to but, and for that I am sorry, but these reviews are fabulous!!! and the photos! I'm trying out some new slouch socks and should be updating tomorrow. As for the Cuban "hills" yes, a typo, I've found a few among the Music Legs items. I'm told freezing helps prevent runs and I may bring in some snagless gloves that you put on before you put nylons on to protect them from your fingernails (or cuticle as that's how I sometimes snag stuff). Til tomorrow...
happy toes!!!