Buy these socks here for $8
Okay, these things are awesome. I?ve worn them for two shoots and just around the house, and I adore them. They?re made of black stretchy lace that fits over the foot snugly and comfortably, with elasticized ribbons that are more than long enough to wrap all the way up the leg and tie just under the knees in a bow (on my legs, anyway). The elasticity is really a brilliant touch, since it allows one to tie the ribbons tight enough that they don?t fall down, without cutting off circulation and getting flesh lumps. They look good plain, or on top of other tights or stockings. They?re my favorite Sock Dreams thing so far, I think. :)
go to Eliza's journal for even more pictures.
She's also wearing our fishnet gloves with the fingers cut out...
Many thanks to Eliza & Woodeye for use of those images!!!