M Stockings are available

after weeks of talking about them and days of working on their pictures and page I finally have them up. These are being custom made here in the states in small batches with more colors already on their way.
I've been testing these alot the past few weeks since I first got the samples, I've washed one from each style in cold and hung them to dry while I washed their partners in warm and used the dryer (I did this three times for maximum shrinkage testing). The ribbed solid colors are acrylic and the shrinkage was barely noticeable especially after I put them on. The cotton stripes shrunk up a few inches though neither seemed to lose any width, now here's the important part...
they are not a wide thighed style and even on me had to pulled over my 19 inch thighs with care but once they are on they are as comfy as could be and stayed up really well, especially the ribbed ones (I think the ribbed would stay up through just about any activity). I am hoping to get these in a wider size and the supplier is looking for the necessary equipment (never as easy as it sounds but they are trying so don't ask me "when???" because I don't know yet either).

These are alot like the otk cotton stripes and kilt socks we already have except they are longer and come from a different supplier, they are not as thick as the longsocks and are made by an entirely different type of machine (I'll have a little more info on that in coming days).

I could talk about these for days and I just know I missed mentioning something important in the paragraphs above so if you have questions feel free to click on comments and let us know...