I wanted to wear the thick & baggy long socks to compare the to the other longsocks today. I put the lunar eclipse socklings on to keep them cleaner around the house. Another added benefit about wearing two pairs is that at bedtime you can take off the outer pair and climb into bed with the clean inner pair.
So, these are thicker than the other longsocks, a bit baggier(not as much as we'd originally hoped though) and a few inches longer than the longsocks. As I start redesigning the site in coming months I think I will end up putting all the various longsocks on one page to simplify & better compare them.
Now, when I say we're redesigning don't expect to come & find everything different one day, no, I plan to keep it much like it is, just cleaner and better organized. By cleaner I mean that I was a complete novice when I started the site nearly three years ago, I've been using software that makes it easy for me to put out something that looks decent but could perform alot better. My pages tend to have alot of unnecessary code that can slow loading & confuse older browsers. Plus I'd like to add some neat features in the future that I don't have the slightest idea how to use properly. I will have professional help for this task, though being the control freak I kind of am I will be learning as much as possible in the process. Another big thing I'm working on is my first print ad for a quarterly goth fashion 'zine due out late summer, I'll tell more later, like maybe after I've actually accomplished it. The first change you will see here is that after nearly three months using livejournal for this page I've decided to go with blogger pro, we'll have more control over the appearance, a nicer comments system and it should load a whole lot better than it has been lately. That's all for now...
sleepy toes