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  1. Into the Woodland
    04/26/2017 Lucy
    Sock Journal

    Into the Woodland

    We've pulled a few items from our Woodland collection to share with you today.

  2. Introducing: Sale Sections
    04/24/2017 Lucy
    Latest News

    Introducing: Sale Sections

    Introducing our sale sections, for better ways to get the best deals.

  3. Gift Collections: Witchy Wonders
    04/20/2017 Brenna
    Gift Collections & Sock Journal

    Gift Collections: Witchy Wonders

    With the Spring Equinox on the 20th, the magic of seasonal change charges the month and makes us want to inject a little Witchy Wonder into our everyday.

  4. Socks Through Time Part 2: Bluestockings
    04/12/2017 Rosalind
    Sock Journal

    Socks Through Time Part 2: Bluestockings

    If you utter the word "bluestocking" these days, most people are liable to think you're talking about socks that are blue, yet a quick look at a dictionary implies that there is a deeper history here. Just look at what Merriam...

  5. Events Season 2017!
    04/06/2017 Lucy
    Events & Latest News

    Events Season 2017!

    Events season 2017 is here!

  6. Sock Nerds: Foodies
    03/30/2017 Lucy
    Sock Nerds & Sock Journal

    Sock Nerds: Foodies

    Here in Portland, we have a pretty thriving foodie scene, and we’ve got some socks to keep you full and satisfied throughout your whole day.

  7. Spring into Fashion!
    03/23/2017 Rosalind
    Uncategorized, Spring, Sock Journal & Socks

    Spring into Fashion!

    It was a long and stormy winter, but we've finally made it through the darkest months of the year! Now the days will be getting longer and warmer, at least up here in the Northern Hemisphere. So, what's new...

  8. Gift Collections: Just Because
    03/16/2017 Brenna
    Gift Collections & Sock Journal

    Gift Collections: Just Because

    Dreamer Brenna brings you an introduction to our Gift Collections, and some items you might want to pick up Just Because.

  9. 'Tis The Season for Green
    03/09/2017 Lucy
    Sock Journal

    'Tis The Season for Green

    With St. Patrick's Day next week, this is the season of green, and with Pantone's Color of the Year being the lovely Greenery, we've got a lot of good options to make this season really pop.

  10. Lucy's Birthday Round-Up
    03/02/2017 Lucy
    Sock Journal

    Lucy's Birthday Round-Up

    Today just so happens to be my birthday, so I thought it would be a fun excuse to look back on my last few years of blogging, and round up my favorite posts.