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  1. Better Plus Size Navigation
    05/24/2017 Lucy
    Latest News

    Better Plus Size Navigation

    We've streamlined our plus size section, to make it a little easier to find socks that will work for everyone!

  2. Introducing: Blogger Outreach
    05/19/2017 Lucy
    Latest News

    Introducing: Blogger Outreach

    We started our blogger outreach program because we love working with bloggers, and helping shine some light on our wonderful customers.

  3. Gift Collections: Family & Baby
    05/17/2017 Brenna
    Sock Journal & Gift Collections

    Gift Collections: Family & Baby

    Whether you’re shopping for your own family or for somebody else’s, one thing is for certain: matching a parent’s socks to what their kids are wearing is pretty dang cute.

  4. Have You Seen Lefty?
    05/09/2017 Lucy
    Latest News & Lost Socks Memorial Day

    Have You Seen Lefty?

    It’s that time of year again: Lost Sock Memorial Day! And our favorite wandering sock, Lefty, has disappeared. Now, this isn’t the first time he’s done this, so while Righty is getting a little concerned, we’re sure he’ll show up...

  5. Socks Through Time Part 3: Shakespeare's Embarrassing Stockings
    05/03/2017 Rosalind
    Sock Journal, Christmas & Costumes

    Socks Through Time Part 3: Shakespeare's Embarrassing Stockings

    From time to time we get a kind of strange request from various costume departments who must meet a bizarre Shakespearean wardrobe choice: Yellow Stockings Cross-Gartered. It's not often that The Bard makes specific costuming demands, but if you're putting on The...

  6. Into the Woodland
    04/26/2017 Lucy
    Sock Journal

    Into the Woodland

    We've pulled a few items from our Woodland collection to share with you today.

  7. Introducing: Sale Sections
    04/24/2017 Lucy
    Latest News

    Introducing: Sale Sections

    Introducing our sale sections, for better ways to get the best deals.

  8. Gift Collections: Witchy Wonders
    04/20/2017 Brenna
    Sock Journal & Gift Collections

    Gift Collections: Witchy Wonders

    With the Spring Equinox on the 20th, the magic of seasonal change charges the month and makes us want to inject a little Witchy Wonder into our everyday.

  9. Socks Through Time Part 2: Bluestockings
    04/12/2017 Rosalind
    Sock Journal

    Socks Through Time Part 2: Bluestockings

    If you utter the word "bluestocking" these days, most people are liable to think you're talking about socks that are blue, yet a quick look at a dictionary implies that there is a deeper history here. Just look at what Merriam...

  10. Events Season 2017!
    04/06/2017 Lucy
    Events & Latest News

    Events Season 2017!

    Events season 2017 is here!