Bamboo Socks

Bamboo grows quickly with little need for pesticides or fertilizers, making it easily sustainable. It also creates a soft fiber that is believed to inhibit the growth of bacteria. Bamboo socks and styles are made with either rayon from bamboo or mechanically processed bamboo fiber. Both fiber types offer their own benefits.


Types of bamboo fiber

The versatility of bamboo means it can be processed into yarn for bamboo socks in a couple of ways. The majority of bamboo socks are made with rayon from bamboo, but a few styles are made with bamboo yarn. Both types of bamboo fiber generally offer more environmental benefits, due to the way the bamboo itself is grown and harvested. Growing quickly, with better water efficiency and little to no need for pesticides, bamboo can be an environmentally friendly crop.

Bamboo yarn

Un-poetically called “mechanically processed bamboo fiber”, bamboo yarn is made directly from bamboo fiber and can claim the properties that make bamboo socks a favorite. Some properties attributed to bamboo yarn are:

  • Antibacterial properties keep bamboo socks fresher for longer.
  • Moisture wicking pulls damp away from your skin, keeping you dry.
  • A good insulator, bamboo yarn helps keep you warm when it is cold and cool when it is hot.

Only bamboo socks knit with bamboo yarn have these qualities. True bamboo yarn is not often used, but we’re happy be able to offer a few styles of bamboo socks made with wonderful bamboo yarn!

Rayon from bamboo

Rayon (also called “viscose”) is made with the cellulose from plants and trees. Because of its quick growth and easy processing, bamboo has become a popular choice to turn into rayon. Some of the process of turning bamboo into bamboo rayon is similar to spinning linen from flax. Although rayon from bamboo does not retain the same beneficial properties as bamboo yarn, it is loved for the particularly silky qualities that make bamboo rayon socks an indulgent but inexpensive option.


Bamboo Sock Brands

Though not all bamboo socks are made with true bamboo yarn, these bamboo and bamboo rayon styles are the specialty of several brands we love!

Foot Traffic

One of the few brands who offer bamboo socks in true bamboo yarn, Foot Traffic makes both bamboo socks and bamboo tights and leggings! Foot Traffic uses bamboo yarn to its best benefit in short and sportybamboo socks that are a great use of bamboo yarn’s wicking and anti-microbial properties. Soft and silky rayon from bamboo tights and footless tights, provide a luxurious alternative from the everyday cottons and nylons most tights are made of.

Sockwell and Goodhew

Sockwell and Goodhew are sister brands who have created their own blend of bamboo rayon and wool for a sturdy and soft mix that perfectly matches their own commitment to style and health. Made in the USA, they use this bamboo and merino blend in Sockwell compression socks as well, for socks that don’t ignore comfort or style over technical design.


In addition to fabulous fabrics like organic cotton and soy, some Una arm warmers are made with rayon from bamboo. Made in Seattle, Washington, Una’s bamboo rayon arm warmers are slinky and soft, the perfect layer. Whether you’re looking for affordable but indulgent rayon styles or the particular properties of bamboo yarn, we have a solid selection of bamboo rayon styles and bamboo socks to choose from!