Baby & Kids Socks

Itty bitty socks for teeny tiny toes! Baby socks and kid’s socks come in a wide range of sizes for quickly growing feet, and there are even styles that match adult sizes so the whole family can rock their socks!


Baby socks and Kids socks sizes

Though this category is called “Baby and Kids”, right now we almost have more kids socks than baby socks. What’s the difference? And what about toddlers?! Let’s talk sizing. First off, the age of a kid sometimes has little to do with their foot size. Some kids have big paws that they’ll grow into later, some have little feet, just like in adults. The baby socks and kid socks we have fall in four-ish very general categories: Baby Socks, Toddler Socks, Little Kid Socks and Big Kid socks. They’re influenced by how our suppliers, like Sock It To Me socks, size their children’s styles. There are some basic inch-length differences between the general sizes that we’ve found hold pretty true across most children’s foot sizes. Just like with grownup feet (and even more so!) what sock will work best really depends on an individual kid’s foot. So, be sure to check the Sizing Tips for the styles you’re looking at and drop us a line if you have any questions.

Baby Socks

Most baby socks have feet around 3 inches long, unstretched, which is perfect for most newborns and folks under eighteen months. Shoe-size-wise, they’re about an Infant size 2 and smaller. These wee baby socks are squee-ingly adorable in their minute proportions. If you’re getting socks for somebody’s first Christmas, these styles will probably be the best match for their feet.

Toddler Socks

Toddler socks have feet around 4 inches long, unstretched. These socks are also good baby socks for bigger-footed babies. If somebody isn’t toddling, extra fabric on the end of their baby socks isn’t too much of a problem. When it comes to shoes, these socks fit around an Infant size 2.5 to about a Toddler size 5. Once folks start walking, which baby socks fit them (and their adorably tiny shoes) starts to really vary! But most folks under three should do okay in these styles.

Little Kid Socks

Smaller kids socks have feet around 5 inches long, unstretched, and are generally designed for folks in the 5-8 years old range. They fit at least a Toddler shoe sizes 6 through 8, but their stretch can let them fit up to a Little Kid shoe size 1 to 3, depending on style or brand. The age and shoe range starts to get a bit murky around here, because growth spurts rule the day for this age range. Be sure to look at the Sizing Tips for the styles you’re interested in and make sure the socks will fit the little kid you’re shopping for. Overall, little kid socks are too big for pretty much all toddlers. Don’t be confused by the adult feet you see in some thumbnails, those styles just come in three sizes, two kid’s sizes and one for bigger feet!

Big Kid Socks

Larger kids socks have feet around 6 inches long, unstretched, and are generally designed for folks in the 7-12 age range, but there’s a lot of stretch in this size. They fit at least a Toddler shoe size 8.5 to a little kid size 11, but some sizes fit up to a US women’s shoe size 6! You can see why we tend to be general in size naming and try to put foot length in the Sizing Tips for kid’s socks! Remember, each brand or style is going to be a bit different, so be sure to look at those Sizing Tips when shopping for kids socks! Sock It To Me calls this size “Junior” and our Dreamer Socks for little feet use the same terminology.


Socks for the whole family

We can tell that it’s new baby season when we pull orders that have perfectly paired sets of socks for the whole family’s feet! So we’ve made a way to find what socks have options for feet both big and small! Just check out our Socks for the Family curated collection! You’re going to see all sorts of socks, some styles have the adult and kid socks seperate, some styles have all the sizes on the same product page.