Sports & Athletic Socks

Unique and comfy socks have always been our game, but over the years we've found some pretty nice sports socks and accessories for sports as well. This category includes lots of great options for walking, running, dance, yoga, hiking, weightlifting, and all sorts of athletic activities. If you need a little extra support, check out our growing collection of compression socks!


Padding and Wicking

Having smartly placed cushioning and reducing moisture build-up are the defining characteristics of athletic socks. The terry-lined foot of Gumball Poodle’s athletic socks is the classic version of sport socks, with thirsty terry loops that wick away sweat while cushioning your foot. In shorter sport sock styles, like anklets and footie socks, you want to be sure that your delicate Achilles tendon is protected against the friction of your shoe. These ingenious little “tabs” at the back of short styles from Goodhew, Dahlgren and ToeSox cushion and protect. Dahlgren in particular has sport socks with smart wicking design and mesh vents that are, to use their words “carefully and precisely designed to maximize surface area and substantially improve the rate and quantity of moisture moved away from the foot, keeping you drier and more comfortable than ever.”

Toe Socks

One of the best benefits of toe athletic socks is an increase in balance. Letting your toes do their thing and spread as you step can do wonders—particularly if you’re pairing toed sport socks with shoes that have a smart amount of room in the toe box for just that (or with five-toe shoes!). The Injiji brand in particular has some of the best toed socks for sports. Though they also offer a toed compression sport sock to cover all your athletic bases, most of their sport socks are liner-styles with no real padding (though the Lightweight Running No-Show Toe Sock has a tab in the back to protect your Achilles). Their focus is being “barely-there” and acting as your feet’s fairy godmother, wicking away sweat to some magic elsewhere. With an option in Coolmax® and another in Nüwool, you’ll find your match!


Studies regarding the effectiveness of compression garments in improving athletic performance indicate that if you think they’ll help you, they probably will. What compression socks excel at is helping with muscle recovery, especially if you put them on correctly. Designed to provide graduated compression, a compression sock is scientifically designed for a snugger fit, starting tighter at the ankles and reducing in compression as they go up the leg.

The way compression socks compress muscles, veins and arteries at the feet and ankles increases arterial pressure, encouraging more blood to return to the heart and not pool in the feet. At this time we only have a few compression athletic socks, but if you’re looking for post-workout options to reduce swelling and fatigue, theSockwell compression socks, are the perfect thing to slip on after working out. Just because they aren’t athletic socks doesn’t mean they don’t offer benefits to sporty feet!

Leggings and More

Pairing leggings under your running shorts can be a great way to keep those muscles warm during morning jogs. We have several styles that stand up well to sporty use, but the Bamboo Rayon Leggings, with their great breathable and wicking bamboo blend, may be our favorite. If you just need an extra layer while you warm up, then leg warmers are the perfect option! A favorite of dancers for their ability to keep joints and muscles warm during workouts, they’re easily removed over shoes when you start to overheat. And don’t forget to keep hydrated! Our logo waterbottles have a sturdy cap that needs only a quarter turn to open and close and are easy to sip from on the go! Whether you’re looking for technical athletic socks, or are looking for sports socks that are sturdier or stronger than your everyday style, there are several options to consider. Even though we don’t specialise in athletic socks we carry several brands and styles that should suit your needs and if you email us we’re happy to help you find the right sport sock style for you!