Agyle Socks

One of the most classic of classic sock designs, these argyle socks are mostly an overlay of inter-crossing diagonal lines on solid diamonds. We've also included patterns that are merely diamonds, but evoke argyle, and others that have a funky twist, like mustaches or circles! With options that range from traditional argyle to modern interpretations, argyle trouser socks to argyle toe socksand even argyle socks made in the USA, we’ve probably got just the thing to suit your argyle needs!


What exactly is argyle?

If you picture argyle socks, you most likely are imagining a field of solid diamonds with an overlapping pattern of criss-crossing lines. Based on the family tartan of Clan Campbell from Argyll in western Scotland, this pattern of diamonds was also reflected in the a Scottish Highlander’s socks and, if you look at paintings of chieftains and soldiers from that era you’ll see argyle socks being represented down through the ages! Argyle socks are also associated with golf and sport, adding an air of contemporary casualness to these classics of antiquity. Argyle can range from the intricate, with parti-colored diamonds and a multitude of overlaid lines, to an argyle sock that is a simple pattern of stacked diamonds with almost no lines at all! The complex knitting that goes into making these shapes creates a lot of shorter yarns, meaning argyle can tend to fray. Washing argyle socks inside out can help prevent this and lengthen their life. Just as argyle is a traditional pattern, they tend to come in mostly traditional sock styles, like knee high argyle socks and midcalf argyle socks. Folks who want to keep it fun can also find argyle toe socks, or check out some argyle sock variations.


Argyle variations

Diamonds definitely overlap with argyle, since their distinctive shape is the basis of the pattern. Our argyle category includes some diamond styles that give an impression of a classic argyle sock with only crossed lines, just stacked diamonds, or a variations of argyle with smaller diamond shapes perched behind inter-crossing lines. If you want traditional argyle socks that have a sense of fun, we even have some novelty argyle socks from Sock It To Me that pair pattern and play, adding things like moustaches and monkeys to those business-like argyle socks! The argyle sock is a classic for a reason and if you’re looking for a beautiful and beautifully constructed traditional argyle sock, then B.Ella has the styles for you! Made in the USA, B.Ella offers cotton argyle socks, wool argyle socks and even argyle knee high socks!


In addition to argyle

If you are going for a traditional argyle sock look, you might enjoy pairing sock garters with your midcalf argyle socks. There’s something special about classic sock garters holding up an argyle sock, whether they’re worn with a skirt or tucked away under trousers. And if argyle socks have heightened your interest in traditional patterns, you might be interested in plaid socks as well! Tartan plaid, buffalo plaid and other variations have some of the same appeal as argyle, offering lushly layered pattern with classic appeal.